The Connect Club Charity

The Connect Club Charity provides support, skills training education & leisure activities for people managing their mental health and living in the Welwyn / Hatfield area.

We are an independent charity with support from HPT (Herts Partnership Trust).

We have close links with Welwyn Hatfield District Council whose help & support have been an important part of our success.

In the past we have been grateful for the continued support of Melanie Johnson (our local member of Parliament) who on seeing our wonderful work was instrumental in the charity winning the prestigious Queens Award for Unsung Heroes.

The Connect Club Charity recognises the work achieved and progress made of our Volunteers.

Introducing Our Website Sponsors

The Connect Club Charity website is sponsored and designed by Papillon Human Potential, a UK-based movement set up to provide inspiration and resources for people embracing their potential, both individually and collectively.

Papillon Human PotentialPapillon approached The Connect Club in 2006 with the invitation of sponsoring a website following the enrolment of two of its founder members to the charity’s Wot-Ever Scrapstore, and the result is the professional web presence you see before you today.

You can find out more about Papillon by clicking on the link below.

Papillon Human Potential.

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