Aims & Objectives

The original idea for Wot-Nots was to provide a supportive, therapeutic working environment for people managing their long-term mental ill health. This includes providing opportunities for people to gain confidence, self-esteem, re-learn and discover latent talents, to enable people to learn new skills, take part in training to NVQ level, to reduce the isolation and loneliness which many people with mental ill health suffer from. Also to reduce the stigma and discrimination of mental ill health in the local community and to assist people with there ambition to return to paid employment.

Currently the projects support 60 members and supported four of its members in returning to full time paid employment.

The Connect Club Charity has had much success and it is important that the charity continues to: -

  • Remain a community charity
  • Target those suffering from long term mental ill health
  • Advise and refer individuals in need to the appropriate agencies
  • Work with other agencies and charities for the good of Connect Club members and the local community
  • Apply for funding to ensure continuance of Connect Club Charity
  • Work with the local council, health authority and local community mental health teams whilst maintaining independent Charity status which allows Connect Club to develop its own strategies and maintain financial control
  • Provide training and education
  • Follow the Connect Club Charity constitution regarding the ‘Object’ of the charity in relation to the changing needs of its members.

January 2006