How It Works

Volunteers, the majority of whom suffer from mental health illness, staff the shops on a rota basis, and are overseen by the Project Coordinator and Deputy project coordinator.

The volunteers select & undertake a variety of tasks with varying degrees of responsibility and initiative.

Approximately 60 users are currently on the rotas for the two shops and scrap store. The shops are open 5-6 days per week and the scrap store opens three times per week. Users involved in the projects have shown a significant improvement in their general mental condition and the development of new skills. As a result of their involvement they have improved their self-motivation, self-confidence and sense of worth. Many who were previously unable to use public transport now regularly make their way to and from the projects on their own.

Team meetings are held twice per year to establish team building and training and provide a forum for sharing difficulties and ideas.

Training days are held regularly covering customer care, team working, first aid, fire and safety awareness and food hygiene, all of which are part of the NVQ curriculum.

Social and leisure activities have been established to help users develop friendship and support outside the shops.